An Attorney Who Knows The Panama City Area

Ashley Stone Benedik, Attorney at Law, provides you with the legal advice you need in Panama City, Florida. A native of Panama City herself, she has provided successful legal advice to the firm’s clients under the most intense of circumstances. You may remember her from when she won an acquittal for the firm’s client in the Martin Lee Anderson case.

Criminal Defense That Focuses On Results

Attorney Benedik has built her practice so she can take on a wide variety of cases. Variety, it turns out, is also the spice of a law practice.

She was born and raised here and cherishes her relationships throughout the Panama City Beach area. She has a reputation of being friendly in the office and aggressive in the courtroom. She knows when aggression is necessary, and she does not practice aggression merely for the sake of practicing aggression. As a lawyer, she focuses on results, not theatrics. Her results-oriented law practice provides the firm’s clients with effective and efficient results to their legal problems.

Attorney Benedik practices in DUI and traffic ticket defense, wide variety of criminal and quasi criminal cases and counsels people enmeshed in those circumstances that can sometimes involve tourists and vacationers in the Panama City Beach area. She honed her skills as a criminal prosecuting attorney for more than a decade. While a prosecutor, attorney Benedik handled more than 100 jury trials. Prior to her work as a prosecuting attorney, attorney Benedik advised clients concerning their workers’ compensation and personal injury issues. As a former prosecutor, she now successfully advises our firm’s criminal defense clients as to the nature of the government’s case and how to attack that case.

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