My Child Is In Trouble. Now What?

You are a parent. Your son or daughter has been accused of breaking the law. Suddenly, instead of helping them plan for their future, you are confronted with a different reality: Florida’s juvenile justice system.

If you are like most parents, you are worried, confused and searching for answers. What is going to happen? How will this affect my child’s future? Where should I turn for help?

Does My Child Need A Lawyer?

Juvenile courts are separate from criminal courts. This does not mean, however, that juvenile courts are more sympathetic to minors. Without an attorney, your child would be at the mercy of the juvenile justice system and could suffer consequences that have lifelong effects.

This is a critical moment in your child’s life. Stress is high for everyone in the family, yet you need to think clearly and make smart decisions. How is that possible?

More than anything, you need an ally. You need an attorney who knows juvenile law, who will look out for your child’s best interests, explain what is happening and work to achieve the best possible result. You need an attorney who understands juvenile justice.

We Understand The Nuances Of Juvenile Law

At Ashley Stone Benedik, we provide high-quality juvenile defense to every client. As a former prosecutor and now as a full-time criminal defense attorney, Ms. Benedik has vast experience with juvenile law and juvenile delinquents.

At each step in the proceedings, attorney Benedik knows what options are available. She knows the best course of action and can help you understand the process. If there are underlying concerns, such as substance abuse or mental health issues, attorney Benedik will seek the professional services your child needs. Every case is different, but it is possible your child could enter a diversion program and have their criminal history sealed or expunged.

Attorney Benedik will shepherd your child’s case, protect your child’s rights and strive to obtain the best possible result.

Get The Legal Help Your Child Needs

Ashley Stone Benedik provides experienced representation for juveniles who are in legal trouble. Call us at 850-387-2347, or contact us online.